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Month: June, 2013

Images: PANTYHOSE HERO (Sammo Hung, 1990)

Sammo Hung’s Pantyhose Hero is a buddy cop film, wherein Sammo Hung and Alan Tam must impersonate gay men in order to crack a murder case. This is a visual catalog of the film’s treatment of homosexuality.

Pantyhose Hero -CG.avi_snapshot_00.00.01_[2013.06.14_13.44.23]

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ImageFor the next couple of months, I’ll be blogging over at DramaFever about the new k-drama series, I Hear Your Voice. The show is currently airing, and releases two episodes every single week. The series will run 20 episodes.

Here is my first post covering episode 1 + 2.

Here are some more thoughts on episode 1 + 2.

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Thoughts on ep 7 + 8

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Here’s a song from the show: