On Princess Knight

by jh

Osamu Tezuka’s Princess Knight, serialized no less than 4 times from 1953 to 1968, is arguably one of the foundational texts for all modern shoujo manga. Tezuka had a hand in many, many genres and helped influence and shape most of them.

Princess Knight (1967 – 1968), being released here by Nozomi, tells the story of Princess Sapphire, a young girl who’s forced to live as a boy because her kingdom will not allow women to rule. It turns out that when “genders” were being distributed in heaven, an angel called Choppy accidentally gave her a blue heart meant for a boy, while God gave her a pink heart meant for a girl. Choppy gets kicked out of heaven and told not to come back until he fixes his mistake. So: Princess Sapphire and Choppy hang out together, have adventures, and foil the plans of Duke Duralumon and Baron Nylon (both of who want to expose the “prince” as a girl, and take the throne for themselves).

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