On Mr. Mini Mart

by jh

Mr. Mini Mart is a boys love title written and illustrated by Junko. It’s currently licensed by the DMP imprint, Juné. It’s a funny and cute story about Nakaba, a high schooler who’s basically dropped out of society and is living as a NEET. After getting hounded by his parents to do something with himself, he takes a part-time job at a convenience store.

At this job, however, he’s forced to work with this guy named Yamai. He’s taller, tougher, sort of gruff and mean. He is all the things that Nakaba is not. But then something happens that makes Nakaba see Yamai in a different way. While he’s waiting for a light to change, Nakaba sees a cat in the middle of the road, unable to move. He’s too far away to do really do anything, but before the cat can get hurt, Yamai shows up out of nowhere to rescue it. Junko immediately undercuts this moment by having Nakaba point out how cliched it is but, still, it counts. Later on, a poster for a cat that needs home goes up on the store, and Yamai explains that it was his sister who found the cat and made the poster, not him. Nakaba immediately understands what kind of person Yamai is, and even feels a little bit of admiration for him – thinking to himself, “You’re really cool.”

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mr. mini mart