On Happy Marriage (Vol. 1)

by jh

Maki Enjoji’s Happy Marriage?! (also known as Hapi Mari to fans) is a surprisingly enjoyable work. This is not to say that it isn’t saddled with numerous tropes and clichés of shoujo manga, but when it comes to work in commercial genres what truly matters is the execution, not so much how original it is.

The story’s about Chiwa Takanishi, a young office lady, who in order to pay off the debts of her father also works as a hostess. Because of this, her opinion of men is pretty darn low. Enter Hokuto Mamiya, the president of Chiwa’s company. Thanks to his grandfather, Hokuto has to marry in order to keep running the business. He asks Chiwa to marry him in exchange for him clearing her family’s debts. She agrees.

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