On So I Can’t Play H!

by jh

When I requested this title to review, my interest lay in how it acted as an anime that was representative of a greater trend of censored TV shows that appeared in their full uncensored glory on DVD (something like Queen’s Blade is probably the one plus ultra of this development, I imagine). Regardless, So I Can’t Play H! does offer some valuable insights into this type of show. Too bad it’s a terrible show.

When I was a kid, I used to watch Ranma ½ every day after school. It ran on a block with Slam Dunk, Dragon Ball, Saint Seiya and Simpsons episodes. That’s the stuff I grew up on. As everyone who’s ever seen Ranma can attest, there are tons of boobs in that show. In fact, way more than in So I Can’t Play H!. No one ever said anything about a little kid watching a show with all this nudity. I wonder what the grownups would’ve said if I were instead watching this show. Obviously, these shows have completely different aims, and serve completely different audience demands, but what brought the connection to my mind was the question of intent (and what would happen if certain elements were removed).

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