My Favorite TV Shows

These are my favorite TV shows. Or, rather, somewhat of a corrective (an annoying one) to the exclusive focus on English-language television that you get pretty much everywhere. While some of the categories represented here (anime and drama) have a pretty healthy online presence, I haven’t found a lot of their criticism to be all that worthwhile. I’m not a critic, but I am a supporter and I want people to talk about the stuff I like!

It’s not radical, really. If truly we’re in the golden age of television then surely this must include television from anywhere (from The Sopranos to Luffy to Lee Min Ho). This is an outdated list featuring a lot of my favorites with an undeniable bias for the last 20 years. It also features old stuff from my childhood that could also be completely be terrible, but made me who I am. It could still be good… who knows?

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